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Base-homestead rural green tourism «Bili zori» ("White stars")

We invite you to the base-homestead rural green tourism "White Dawns" in the village Novotyaginka Belozersky district, Kherson region.

Base-homestead situated on the high bank of the Dnieper-Slavutych. In contrast to the pine forest mushrooms, all washed by the streams, estuaries, with reed-Erik, unique lower Dnieper flowing and healing the lakes. And for the green pages - Aleshkovsky desert. This is an exceptionally scenic area, where you expect a year-round.
Only 35 km from Kherson - and you're surrounded by nature, surrounded by fantastic scenery, a prisoner of the finest flavors, tender embraces of the sun and the ringing silence.

Within a radius of 100 km from the base-homestead gem worthy of admiration: the church of St Princess Olga, St. Grigorievsky Bizyukov monastery Biosphere Reserve Askania Nova, "Legendary tachanka" gentle shores of the Black and Azov Seas. And to the remnants of the Turkish fortress Tyagin, which in 1912 became the object of the excursion, a stone's throw.
For centuries, created history of the region, legends, national customs and traditions.
We are ready to introduce you to them!

"White Dawns" - it's fresh air and organic vegetables and fruits are filled with energy Tavria sun. Hosts homestead will give you unparalleled hospitality and comfort. Base-homestead "White Dawns" takes its place among the objects of green tourism in the Kherson region!

Dnieper and the wonderful nature will help you forget about your everyday life!