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BASE - HOMESTEAD (or how it all began)

The former recreation center, "Perch" Nikopol factory and farm Yuzhnotrubny "Dawn" was founded in 1978. In the troubled 90 - years, stolen, and base area (0.63 ha) abandoned.
Since 2005 - Base - homestead of rural green tourism and recreation Belozersky district, Kherson region. Located 35 km from the city of Kherson in with. Novotyaginka on the steep right bank of the Dnieper at the source p. Ingulka, almost in the center of the Kherson region: Kakhovka - 35 km, Askania Nova -. 100 km. Black Sea coast - 100 km. Arabatskaya arrow - 100 km. Nikopol - 200 km.

Clean, untouched since the days of Herodotus, the waters of the Dnieper River with its many lakes, estuaries, Erik and sleeves, fenced dam and hydroelectric Kakhovska channel tributary of the Dnieper - p. Ingulets - is a unique natural treasure of the South of Ukraine.
Historical monuments, natural healing factors, skilled personnel and modern living conditions and recreation - all waiting for our guests.
Novotyaginka village, where the homestead has its own unique history.

In 1778, together with the base of Kherson, southern Tavria any new settlements: Tyaginka - Turkish fortress on the site Tyagin, Dremaylovy Farm - (s.Dremaylovka, s.Ivanovka) Lyubomyrivka (Tokarivka), hamlet and Dranivskie Novoselivskie (with . Novotyaginka).
Neighbors of our homestead: the food and household shops, post office, country club, 1 km from on to with. Tokarivka - Orthodox Church of St Princess Olga, building and building homestead of noblemen Erdelyi, the FAP, the village council.
There is a regular bus service to the city of Kherson, in 3 km from the highway is a P-47. You can have a rest en route to the sea, in the Crimea, to the festival "Tavria Games" and "Kazantip" (Kazantip).

On the homestead 

1. Stone house 12 x 6 traditional local rural building - rakushnyak - bottles with masonry with clay mortar, 2 bedrooms, living room with a stove,

sanblok, kitchen-porch.

2. Stone house 6 x 4 - bottles, clay, 1 room, kitchen, hall, toilet in the yard.

3. Wooden two-apartment house with all amenities, kitchen, living room, office, bedroom.

4. 4 wooden houses lay in the hotel 4 rooms each.

5. Detached sanitary housing, with 3 toilets, shower, bath, sauna.

6. Parking for 15 cars.

7. Playground.

8. Campfire site.

9. Inflatable pool.

10. Covered pavilion for games and special events.

11. The conference hall for 120 people in the open.

12. Detached summer kitchen facilities.

13. The beach, the water station.

14. Workshop.

15. Summer showers and toilet cubicles.