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Managers at all levels!

We offer corporate mark your professional holiday on our base-homestead. This is an unforgettable experience we will add the rest on fresh air, theatrical performance in the history of our region, a festive dinner and, of course, rich leisure.

We can offer you 

1. Interesting actions - the old Cossack tradition;

2. Festive meal, singing and costume show;

3. Invite professional artists, amateur art groups (by prior arrangement with a deposit after the approval of the script);

4. Take advantage of the creative participation of the lower Dnieper kosha Ukrainian Cossacks, to take part in the ritual of admission to the Cossacks, to carry out a walk on the Cossack "The Seagull" on the Dnieper River and channels (on request with a deposit).

5. Photo and video recording on the electronic and print media, development and production of postcards, flyers, business cards, brochures from the homestead or attributes to the design of the customer.

6. Making you souvenirs, gifts, charms, etc.