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We are always ready to cooperate with you. Your suggestions, comments and suggestions are heard and taken into account in our joint work with you.

If your intention to work with us actually take place, we are ready to receive you at home, so you see firsthand the reality of our proposals. We promise - you'll like.

A company working on the transit, relative to us, directions - Crimea, Odessa, Askania Nova Arabatskaya arrow coast Kherson - Iron Port, Azure, Skadovsk have the opportunity to brighten up a long way toward the ultimate goal of meaningful and interesting stop overnight and relaxation, with renewed vigor to continue their journey.

We are not in place and continue to diligently work on the history of our land, to restore the ancient customs and ceremonies, the reconstruction of historical events and holidays, for the restoration of antique weapons and everyday life, ancient recipes and cooking their introduction in the diet of campers. Discovering new parts of our nature, can nicely capture your imagination.